Homework1 - Homework # 1 ECO 7427 Prof. Sarah Hamersma Due...

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1 Homework # 1 ECO 7427 Prof. Sarah Hamersma Due Monday, January 31, 2011 1. Aizer and Grogger (2003; http://www.nber.org/papers/w9907) estimate the effects of an expansion of adult Medicaid eligibility on health insurance coverage. In the “Results” se ction of the paper (starting on page 17 of the article) they discuss estimates reported in Table 3. Your mission: examine the second row of the table, focusing on the mothers (not the children), and rewrite the second paragraph of the “Results” section keeping in mind our discussions about interpreting coefficients and their standard errors. 2. A lot of good data for economic research is available on the Web. Microdata that are collected by the U.S. Census Bureau are available online, and you can actually choose the particular data you want to extract from larger samples. You will begin this problem by going to the Current Population Survey website ( http://www.bls.census.gov/cps/ ) . It’s useful if you read some of the “overview” material and any other material that might be of interest to you. When you feel you have a sense of what the survey is about, choose “Data” and then, at the top of the page, “Data access via DataFerrett.” DataFerrett is a tool for extracting specialized sets of data from their larger full-sized surveys. You will need to install this program on your computer from this website. I installed it to the “desktop” on my computer so that I can just double-click on it whenever I need it. The rest of this assignment will assume you have access to this program. Open the DataFerrett program. You will need to enter your e- mail address to get in (this hasn’t caused any problems for me I don’t get spam). Then go to “search datasets by topic and theme.” You are now able to access data from a number of major surveys and databases. The rest of my description of what to do will require you to navigate this system I recommend doing this assignment while sitting next to a classmate who is also working on it. It can lower the startup costs
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Homework1 - Homework # 1 ECO 7427 Prof. Sarah Hamersma Due...

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