Turbulence lecture 1

Turbulence lecture 1 - Less than mm Boundary layers...

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Turbulence Lecture 1 Don Slinn BS, MS, PhD Mechanical Engineering 3 courses in Turbulence +7 years experience modeling and measuring turbulent flows Mechanics of Course: See Syllabus Outline of topics: See Syllabus Textbook- required (Pope, Tennekes & Lumley) ~ 10 pages per lecture Exams contain essay questions that will be taken from your reading Other references: See Bibliography On reserve in Coastal Archives 1. Saffman 2. Monin & Yaglom Vol.1 3. Townsend 4. Hinze 5. Batchelor Office: Weil Hall 575-I Most flows in engineering applications and nature are turbulent. Largest scales: Gaseous Galaxies Nuclear fusion in stars Atmospheres/oceans Smokestacks Rivers/currents Reservoirs, natural & constructed Flames Fabrication processes (extruding slabs) Breaking waves Smallest scales: Wakes, jets
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Unformatted text preview: Less than mm: Boundary layers - Sometimes we wish flows were more turbulent: to increase heat transfer or premix reactants. 1- And sometimes we wish we could decrease the levels of turbulence (to decrease drag). - And sometimes we just want to watch nature. Several methods exist for each desire. Turbulent control. Compliant coatings, suction Flow straighteners, Electromagnetic dampers Trip wires, nozzle shapes Roughening surfaces Understanding Turbulence has been called the last unsolved problem of classical physics Sir Horace Lamb (1932) said: “ I am an old man now and when I die and go to heaven there are two matters on which I hope for enlightenment. One is Quantum electrodynamics and another is the turbulent motion of fluids. And about the former I am optimistic.” 2...
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Turbulence lecture 1 - Less than mm Boundary layers...

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