Stability syllabus Fall 2004

Stability syllabus Fall 2004 - University of Florida Fall...

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Unformatted text preview: University of Florida Fall 2004 EOC 6934 Hydrodynamic Stability Civil and Coastal Engineering Instructor : Don Slinn Office : 575 I Weil Hall, 392-9537 x 1431, [email protected] Office Hours : MWF 3:00 pm, TTh 9:30 am, and an open door policy Class Time : Benton Hall, Room 328, MWF Period 5, 11:45 am – 12:35 Text Books: Primary: P.G. Drazin, Introduction to Hydrodynamic Stability, Cambridge Texts in Applied Mathematics, Cambridge University Press, 2002, 258 pgs. ISBN 0 521 00965 0 paperback Grading: 1. Homework 50% ~ 10 assignments 2. Midterm Exam 20% Exams are open book 3. Final Exam 30% and open note Course Objectives: To give the student an appreciation of how laminar flows transition to turbulence and the standard mathematical approaches for making quantifiable predictions for the rate of energy transfer between mean flows and pertubations. Also to explain what is currently known about the physics of the process and the assumptions, scope, range of validity, and limitations of the...
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