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Trott 1 Charles Trott English 1101/06 Professor Hagin March 28, 2010 The Real Mardi Gras Mardi Gras can be argued as one of the most diverse Holidays of Catholic History and Heritage. Most people see Mardi Gras as a meaningless Holiday that institutes drinking and beaded revelers, yet many people still travel to "New Orleans, Rio de Janeiro, Nice, and Cologne" (Columbia University) every year to partake in the events Mardi Gras has to offer. Catholics understand that Mardi Gras, which is better known to them as Carnival, is actually the last day before the season of Lent or also recognized as Ash Wednesday. "The French name for Shrove Tuesday, literally translated, the term means "'fat Tuesday'", (Columbia University) which is represented as the last day for excessive drinking and eating before the season of fasting. Many see this as shroud behavior and do not understand why so many people celebrate Mardi Gras but do not celebrate the Holiday of Lent as well. So I ask the question, “Why do so many people celebrate this holiday?” The number of people that join the celebration has risen every year since "Pope Gregory XIII named it an official holiday in 1582" (Hodon, Sara) . At the time Mardi Gras spread from Italy to Europe and several years later to America where it took on its biggest celebrations. The city of New Orleans has celebrated Mardi Gras since it was founded in 1718 by Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne. Even though the celebrations started on a very small scale, "Mardi Gras has earned a reputation as a loud, out of control spectacle that draws thousands of tourists to New Orleans every year" (Hodon, Sara). Natives have recalled when the city used to have more dignified
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Mardi Gras - Trott 1 Charles Trott English 1101/06...

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