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Research Paper Proposal 2011 - Trott 1 Charles Trott...

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Trott 1 Charles Trott Professor Swanson English 1102 2 March 2011 Research Paper Proposal In recent years, much has been said about the legalization of marijuana. While by no means a new issue, having been around for thousands of years and illegal for almost as long, the more changes that occur in legislation and in Western society's general attitude toward the drug, the greater the possibility of its eventual legalization. However, with little exception, marijuana remains illegal. Just as there are fierce and relentless supporters of the legalization of marijuana, there are also staunch opponents. This paper will address both sides of the argument, acknowledging and exploring the opposition to legalizing marijuana; however ultimately arguing in support of legalization. In order to sufficiently argue either for or against legal marijuana, one must first look for the true root of the issue. Historically, at what point did marijuana become illegal? Was it at one time considered socially and legally acceptable in the United States, and, if so, was there a particular event or series of events that eventually lead to the stigma associated with marijuana use today? To learn more about this aspect, it will be important to access a record of amendments made to marijuana laws through the years or possible important court cases that effected said laws. With this historical context will come a better understanding of the basis of arguments both
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Research Paper Proposal 2011 - Trott 1 Charles Trott...

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