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Supplement C Notes - Supplement C Notes Waiting Line: one...

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Supplement C Notes Waiting Line : one or more "customers" waiting for a service *"Customers" can be people or inanimate objects, such as machines needing maintenance, sales orders waiting for shipping, or inventory items waiting to be used Waiting lines form when there is a temporary imbalance between demand for service and the capacity of the system to provide the service. Variability in the rate of demand determines the size of the waiting lines in this case. In general, if no variability in the demand occurs or service rates and enough capacity are provided, no waiting lines form. Structure of Waiting-Line Problems Four Elements common to all situations: 1) An input, or customer population , generates potential customers 2) A waiting line of customers 3) The service facility , consisting of a person (or crew), a machine (or group of machines), or both necessary to perform the service for the customer. 4) A priority rule , which selects the next customer to be served by the service facility Service System : the number of lines and the arrangement of the service facility If the number of customers appreciably affects the potential number of new customers for the service system already in the system, the input source is said to be finite. An infinite customer population is one in which the number of customers in the system does not affect the rate at which the population generates new customers. Customers can be patient or impatient. Patient customers enter the service system and wait until they are served. Impatient customers either balk and refuse to enter the system, or renege, leave the system before being served, due to the length of the waiting line. Number of Lines : Single Line: - There is a single line to for customers to wait in, regardless of the number of servers - Used in airline counters, inside banks, and in some fast food restaurants - Keeps servers uniformly busy, gives customers a sense of fairness Multiple Line: - There are separate waiting lines for each server - Used in grocery stores for example - Good when multiple services are available and line is chosen based on service needed Arrangement of Service Facilities : Service facilities consist of personnel and equipment necessary to perform services. The arrangement of these functions is described in terms of channels and phases.
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Supplement C Notes - Supplement C Notes Waiting Line: one...

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