handout 1.25.11 - 1/25/11 1. Huntington Disease (HD):...

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1 1/25/11 1. Huntington Disease (HD): Autosomal dominant neuromuscular degenerative disease (motor and mental deterioration) 2. Variance: Average squared difference of each data point from its mean 3. Quantitative trait locus (QTL): Variable chromosomal region (i.e., locus) that shows tight linkage to a quantitative character, thereby implicating one or more genes in this region as significant explanations of the character’s variation ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT 1. Environmental sex determination (e.g., temperature-dependent sex determination in reptiles) 2. Phenocopies: An environmentally induced phenotype that mimics genetically determined one 3. Penetrance: Proportion of individuals with given genotype who express that trait; if <100%, called partial penetrance 4. Expressivity: Extent to which penetrants express trait. If expression is variable, then called variable expressivity 5. Reaction norm: Phenotypic response of genetically identical individuals (clones) to a varying environment Phenotypic plasticity: Phenotype for specific genotype varies due to environmental variation and/or developmental noise 6. Quantitative traits (quantitative inheritance) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- INTERGENIC INTERACTIONS 1. Qualitative characters: Descriptive traits, “this or that” features (e.g., green vs. yellow, tall vs. short) 2. Quantitative characters (quantitative traits, quantitative genetics)
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handout 1.25.11 - 1/25/11 1. Huntington Disease (HD):...

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