handout 3.29.11 - 3/29/11 1. Sequence tagged site (STS)...

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1 3/29/11 1. Sequence tagged site (STS) – Short DNA reads (100-200 bases) from each end of a cloned insert, which are then used as identifying labels for that cloned insert 2. Expressed sequence tag (EST) – Short DNA sequence read from the 3’ end (most commonly) of a cDNA, which is then used as an identifier for its expressed gene 3. Contig – Contiguous DNA sequence formed from the ordering of overlapping inserts (i.e., as ordered by their STS) 4. Open reading frame (ORF) – Unidentified DNA sequence that likely represents a protein-coding gene, because it could encode a significantly long polypeptide 5. Pseudogene – Gene that was once functional in the past, but is currently nonfunctional (i.e., “dead”) due to disabling mutations Miscellaneous – (RT) for reverse transcriptase, (neuro1) for hypothetical, autosomal dominant, neurological disorder --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- HUMAN GENOME PROJECT 1. Goals Construct genomic maps (e.g., genetic and physical) Determine entire DNA sequence Functional genomics – Identify and establish function and structure of all genes from RNA and proteins to biochemistry and physiology of cell and individual Comparative genomics – Obtain genomes from other species to provide references to better understand gene/ genome function and structure 2. Benefits Address human genetic diseases (e.g., gene therapy, enzyme replacement therapy, early diagnosis, and vaccines) Contributions to basic biology, and thereby, to applied biology
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handout 3.29.11 - 3/29/11 1. Sequence tagged site (STS)...

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