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Part A - OMIM All alternative titles alternative symbols...

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PartA2011FINAL.doc mrt 1/11 PART A: IDENTIFICATION SHEET GENETICS TERM PROJECT DUE 10 February 2011, noon, via Sakai Quiz 5 points Student's Name: Name of disorder exactly as listed on sign-up tag: Official title (name) of condition exactly as listed in Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man ( OMIM ): Six digit entry number of disorder as listed in
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Unformatted text preview: OMIM: All alternative titles, alternative symbols, and other entities listed in OMIM: Official Medical Subject Heading (MeSH) term exactly as found in PubMed’s MeSH Database (this is the official term you will use to search for your disorder in PubMed). PartA2011FINAL.doc mrt 1/11...
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