Part C - PART C: GENETICS TERM PROJECT Online = 20 points;...

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PCB3063PartC2011Paper.doc mrt 3/11 PART C: GENETICS TERM PROJECT Online = 20 points; online closes at 12:50 pm March 24 Paper = 5 points – due in class March 24 YOU WILL NOT GET CREDIT FOR THE ONLINE QUIZ IF YOU DO NOT COMPLETE AND TURN IN THE REQUESTED SEARCHES Total = 25 points NOTE – As usual, complete this paper version of Part C before attempting the online version; you will turn in this form and the associated print outs. Once you have completed this paper version, use it as your guide to complete the online version. You will have 20 minutes and one try to answer the online version in Sakai. 1. A zinc finger is a structural motif within a DNA-binding protein that allows binding to occur. Search NCBI’s Structure database for 3-dimensional structures of mouse proteins that contain zinc fingers. Narrow this search such that you find only the structures that were submitted by Pabo and colleagues in 2001. . What are the PDB record numbers for this structure? _________ Which experimental method was used to determine these structures? ______ In what journal were these structures reported? ______________ To what molecule are the fingers bound? ______________ Open either structure. Using the sequence window, locate amino acid positions 32-41. Change the way that these amino acid residues look – add side chains, change the protein backbone and side chain to space fill, and label each of these amino acid residues. Export as a png file and print. Call this print out “Structure 1”. Close the structure and reopen so that all of your annotation is gone. Note that three ligands are present in this structure record; all are the same atom. What is the name of this ligand? _______________. Use “select by distance” to highlight all of the residues that are within 5
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Part C - PART C: GENETICS TERM PROJECT Online = 20 points;...

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