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Your printed posters are to be 3’ tall x 4’ wide. Your posters are to be completed in PowerPoint. Once ready, you will need to take your PowerPoint file on a flash drive to a copy/print shop for final printing (see below). Your posters can be printed on regular paper, coated mat, or glossy paper. All three paper types are nice, but glossy paper is best followed by coated mat. Of course, glossy paper costs the most (~$33), followed by coated mat (~$27), then regular paper (see below). We leave it to each group to decide which paper type to use. We contacted the three copy/print shops listed below (prices for regular paper) Target Copy, 1412 University Avenue, 376-3826, $17.75, open 24 hours
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Unformatted text preview: FedEx Kinkos, 3822 West Newberry Road, 335-9066, $17.00, open 24 hours Academic Technology, Architecture 118 and CSE 211 Labs, 392-4357, $16.00 We suspect that most (all?) copy/print shops can print out your posters for about the same cost. However, these shops will differ in their hours of operation, driving distance, and time to complete your job. In conclusion, we strongly recommend that you do not wait until the last minute! This recommendation was strongly emphasized by the three shops that we called and is once again being reiterated by us. In addition, if you decide to try a different shop, we strongly encourage you to call ahead....
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