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Sample Questions Chapter 12 1. Last school year, in the school of Business Administration, 30% were Accounting majors, 24% Management majors, 26% Marketing majors, and 20% Economics majors. A sample of 300 students taken from this year's students of the school showed the following number of students in each major: Accounting 83 Management 68 Marketing 85 Economics 64 Total 300 Has there been any significant change in the number of students in each major between the last school year and this school year? Use a = 0.05. ANSWER: Chi-square = 1.66 < 7.815; no significant change 2. Before the rush began for Christmas shopping, a department store had noted that the percentage of its customers who use the store's credit card, the percentage of those who use a major credit card, and the percentage of those who pay cash are the same. During the Christmas rush in a sample of 150 shoppers, 46 used the store's credit card; 43 used a major credit card; and 61 paid cash.
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Unformatted text preview: With a = 0.05, test to see if the methods of payment have changed during the Christmas rush. ANSWER: chi-square = 3.72 < 5.99; has not changed 3. Shown below is a 3 x 2 contingency table with observed values from a sample of 1,500. At 95% confidence, test for independence of the row and column factors. Row Factor X Y Total A 450 300 750 B 300 300 600 C 150 150 Total 900 600 1,500 ANSWER: chi-square = 24.37 > 3.84; not independent 4. A group of 2000 individuals from 3 different cities were asked whether they owned a foreign or a domestic car. The following contingency table shows the results of the survey. Type of Car Detroit Atlanta Denver Total Domestic 80 200 520 800 Foreign 120 600 480 1200 Total 200 800 1000 2000 At a = 0.05, test to determine if the type of car purchased is independent of the city in which the purchasers live. ANSWER: chi-square = 135 > 5.99, thus, reject H o. Column Factor City...
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