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Ergogenic Aids Anything that would help/enhance someone’s performance particularly an athletes performance: for example Provigil is used by some workers so they can focus and work longer hours. It can be anything, even things like coffee. They can also be psychological aids too. They can be legal or illegal: it depends on their affects and how much of an advantage they get Caffeine is a legal ergogenic aid up to a certain level. Carbs are a good aid. Creatine is legal in the U.S. but not internationally Sodium bicarbonate loading-used for short intense events like running Beta blockers are used for golfers some athletes use speed but it does not work Guest Lecture : Sociology is a scientific disipline that seeks to describe and explain human social organization and relations. -sociology is a tool for studying sports in society -provides concepts theories and methods for the study of sports What is sport? –physical activity –competitive activity –institutionalized rules (rules become standardized –official regulatory agencies take over rule enforcement
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