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Fall09-3 - 6 Page 3 or 3 Name Problem 5 A flat circular...

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Unformatted text preview: 6 Page 3 or 3 Name Problem 5 A flat circular coil sits in the xy- plane. It has radius R, N turns and carries a current I, that is clockwise when viewed from the positive z-axis. (6 points each) x (a) What IS the magnetic field (vector ‘ . / Problem 6 Parallel wires with SA and 3A currents are perpendicular to the x-axis and cross at the Gem and 30m lines. (7 points each) (la) What IS the magnetic field at x= 50m? Specify both magnitude and direction. Q 46' ca e2“) WW Z‘TT 02 ZTF 03’ I 1/ #94 .‘2 ,i <@ iifl ”2 “’5‘ Wk Problem 7 An empty parallel plate capacitor with a plate separation of 8x10'4m and a circular cross~section with a 3 5cm dianieteris connected across 9V battery. What is the energy stored 1n this capacitor? points) pf J / ...
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