HY 120 study guide 1 - Study Guide Test 1 *Jamestown, VA...

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Study Guide Test 1 * Jamestown, VA – founded by ships led by John Smith * The "Starving Time" – period is Jamestown when John Smith left, people became lazy, didn’t work, winter hit, desperate times; the colony still survived * Virginia Company – joint stock company created by James I which has individual investors that buy stock; limited liability; purpose was to establish settlements on the coast of North America * Captain John Smith – led ships to Jamestown. Set up laws in the town. Said that if you were capable of working, but don’t, then you can’t eat * Powhatan (1) (2) – father of Pocahontas and friend of John Smith * Headright system House of Burgesses * royal colony * George Calvert – founder of Maryland; named Lord Baltimore by James I. James I also gives him a land grant in Newfoundland. Calvert names this new territory Avalon. Calvert convinced Charles I (king after James) to grant him new land near Virginia. He dies before he can really establish settlement. His son, Second Lord Baltimore, becomes the first proprietor of the new colony * Proprietorship – the owner of a property * Maryland Toleration Act (1) (2) - 1649 – Protestants had become majority in Maryland; the act was to provide protection for the Catholic minority in the region * Indentured servant – worked 3-7 years for a trip over to the colonies. They had no life in Europe; they found somebody who would pay for their trip to the colonies as long as they worked for them * Nathaniel Bacon – led a rebellion against colonial authority because Indians kept attacking their land but the governor (Berkeley) would not do anything * English Reformation * [1620-1633] Puritan(1) (2) * Church of England [Anglican Church] – officially established Christian church * Congregationalists – people who follow a form of Christianity that believe they are autonomous under God and should not submit to any outside human authorities such as
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HY 120 study guide 1 - Study Guide Test 1 *Jamestown, VA...

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