CFD lecture 1 - Numerical Simulations Techniques applied to...

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Numerical Simulations Techniques applied to Coastal and Oceanographic Engineering - Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Lecture 1 1. See syllabus – finalize time/ location 2. See text book – Fletcher Vols. 1 & 2 3. See list of CFD books 4. Standard grading, Undergrad Grad Advanced Our interest in CFD for Coastal and Ocean Engineering: Encompassing 1. Large scale ocean flows ~ 10,000 km 2. Regional modeling ~ 1,000 km 3. Coastal modeling ~ 100 km 4. Littoral modeling ~ 10 km 5. Near shore modeling ~ 1 km 6. Large eddy simulations ~ 100 m 7. Turbulent layers ~ 1-10 m 8. Fluid – structure interactions 1-100 m 9. Small scale processes 1 mm -1 m 10. Engineering processes a. Flow around propellers b. Flow in pipes – plants c. Ship wakes d. Boundary layers e. Stream line vehicles/propulsion 11. Wave Dynamics a. Air-sea interactions b. Wave prediction c. Harbor design d. Wave – body interaction/drag reduction 12. Research on Physics of Fluids a. Effects of stratification b. Two phase flows i. Sediment/ fluid interaction ii. Bubbles – fluid c. Acoustic propagation in the ocean d. Turbulent dispersion in environment i. Pollution 1
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ii. Heat reservoir iii. Gases - CO 2 iv. Momentum transfer e. Flow around complex topography 13. Beach Erosion 14. Estuaries and Inlets a. Tides in harbors b. Storm surge and shore protection 15. Physical – Biological Coupled Systems a. Biological productivity b. Anthropogenic influences Many of society’s problems in transportation, environment, energy production, entertainment, construction, agriculture, defense, and medicine use CFD to develop innovative solutions for the future. There are many jobs available in C.F.D. Prerequisites: - Advanced Engineering Math - Physical Aspects of Oceanography and/or - Advanced Hydrodynamics 1 Reading Assignment 1 - Chapters 1 & 2 of Fletcher I (next class) - Chapter 3 of Fletcher I (by next week) Course Logistics 1.
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CFD lecture 1 - Numerical Simulations Techniques applied to...

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