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Chemical and Biochemical Processes Reaction Engineering Tutorial 2 Batch Reactors 1. A first order reaction A B with kinetics (-r A ) = kC A is to be carried out in a batch reactor. If k is 0.01min -1 , calculate the reaction time to reach 80% conversion. The feed rate to the reactor is 20 litres per minute, and the reactor can be emptied at a rate of 10 litres per minute. The reactor volume is 250 litres. Cleaning takes approximately 1 hour. Estimate the overall batch cycle time. Stirred Tank Reactors 2. A well-mixed continuous stirred tank reactor is to be used for the decomposition of an ester (E) by a first order reaction in the liquid phase. The feed rate is 0.04 m 3 s -1 and the concentration of E in the feed, C E0 = 15 kmol m -3 . Given the rate constant, k E = 0.02 s -1 for the reactor conditions (25 ° C), and the CSTR volume is 1.8 m 3 , what will be the concentration of ester in the stream leaving it? 3.
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