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CBPTut4 - -1 at 30ºC the usual operating temperature...

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Chemical & Biochemical Processes Reaction Engineering Tutorial 4 Reactors in Series 1. A PFR-CSTR combination is used to carry out a first order reaction. The PFR is placed in series before a CSTR. The feed concentration to the PFR is C A 0 = 5 mol m -3 and the conversion in the PFR is 55 %. The rate constant is 0.05 s -1 and the feed rate of A is 2 mol s -1 . If the CSTR volume is 1 m 3 , what is the concentration of A after the CSTR? Hence, what is the overall conversion for the PFR-CSTR combination? 2. Substance A is to be converted to substance B in solution. The reaction is first order in A, irreversible and k, the first order rate constant, is 0.18 h
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Unformatted text preview: -1 at 30ºC, the usual operating temperature. Calculate the total holding time ( τ ) for 95 % conversion of A for the following two arrangements: a. Three well stirred tanks of equal volume in series. b. One larger well stirred tank followed by a second of 10 % of the volume of the first. If one tank broke down while operating arrangement (a) above, what would be the required temperature of the second tank of the remaining two tanks so that 95 % conversion of A is maintained. The energy of activation (E A ) is 31,500 J mol-1 and the gas constant R = 8.314 J mol-1 K-1 ....
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