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DPS A (L) Feb09

DPS A (L) Feb09 - hazards study preliminaries carrying out...

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Taylor’s University College School of Engineering Scheme of Work SOW070327 Subject Chem. Eng. Design and Professional skills A Code 1 DPS (A)/Lecture Semester Year 1 Semester 1 Period 2 Feb – 17 April’2009 Lecturer Dr. Reddy Date Prepared 26 Dec 2008 Weekly Plan Week 1 Introduction Week 2 Written and Verbal communications, Engineering Ethics. Week 3 Designers and Design: What is design, design process, defining the problem, design thinking, creative thinking techniques, brainstorming, the six thinking hats, the five column table. Week 4 Design exercise, Hazard studies and risk assessment: Hazard study 1, form a report, QRA Week 5 Flow Sheeting Week 6 Project introduction . Hazard study 2, historical notes, documentation, methodology, prompts for hazardous events and situations, hazard study 3 (HAZOP).HAZOP and its relation to
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Unformatted text preview: hazards study, preliminaries, carrying out HAZOP, risk management, Week 7 Team working Week 8 Project counselling Week 9 Project counselling Week 10 Project counselling Week 11 Project counselling and presentation Week 12 Study Week (Lecturer will be available for consultation) Week 13 Exam Week Assessment Details Type Mark Details Project and presentation 50 % Group work Coursework (1000 word report) 25 % Individual Effort Prepared By Date Checked By Date Dr.Reddy 26 Dec 2008 Dr. Marwan Remarks: 1. The above plan is to be passed to the students on the first week of the Semester. 2. Any changes to the above plan should be communicated (in writing) to the Unit Coordinator and the Head of Department....
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