Test2 - CEDPS July 2009, Quiz 2 Part A Answer all the...

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CEDPS July 2009, Quiz 2 Part A Answer all the Questions 1. Define Green house effect in earth with suitable example? 2 marks 2. Define standard enthalpy of formation and heat of combustion? 2 marks 3. Define the term EIA and EIS? 2 marks 4. What does it mean when the standard heat of reaction is? (a) Negative and (b) Positive? 2 marks Part B Answer all the Questions 8 marks Problem 2 8 marks Alkaloids are chemical compounds containing nitrogen that can be produced by palnt cells. In an experiment, a closed vessel 1.673 m 3 in volume was filled with a dilute water solution containing two alkaloids, ajmalicine and serpentilne. The temperature of the solution was 10°C (U = 35 kJ/kg). To obtain an essential dry residue of alkaloids, all of the water in the vessel (1 kg) was vaporized. Assume that the properties of water can be used as a substitute for the properties of the solution. How much heat has to be transferred to the vessel if 1 kg of saturated liquid water initially at 10°C is completely vaporized to the final conditions of 100°C (U = 2506 kJ/kg) and 1 atm? See the figure below Dr. TVN. Padmesh Turn Over 1 Problem 1 Q P = 1 a t m H 2 O VESSEL T = 100 °C
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CEDPS July 2009, Quiz 2 Problem 3 8 marks In an incinerator the hot exhaust gas contains following composition (dry basis) CO 2 – 9.2 % CO – 1.5% O 2 – 7.3% N 2 – 82% What is the enthalpy difference for this gas per gm mol between the bottom and top of the stack, if the temperature at the bottom and top are 550°C and 200°C? Ignore the water vapor in the gas. Neglect any energy effects resulting from the mixing of the gaseous components. N
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Test2 - CEDPS July 2009, Quiz 2 Part A Answer all the...

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