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I CFE Dr. TVN. Padmesh Assignment I Problem 1. A rigid tank contains a hot fluid that is cooled while being stirred by a paddle wheel. Initially the internal energy of the fluid is 800 KJ. During the cooling process, the fluid losses 500 KJ of heat, and the paddle wheel does 100 KJ of work on the fluid. Determine the final internal energy of the fluid. Neglect the energy stored in the paddle wheel. (Ans = 400KJ) Problem 2. A heat engine works on the Carnot cycle between temperature 900 ° ° C. If the engine receives heat at the higher temperature at the rate of 60 kW, calculate the power of the engine. (Ans = 35.82 kW) Problem 3. An engineer claims to have developed an engine which develops 3.4 kW while consuming 0.44 Kg of fuel of calorific value of calorific value of 41870 kJ / kg in one hour. The maximum and minimum temperatures recorded in the cycle are 1400 ° ° C respectively is the claim of the engineer genuine. (Ans = η
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