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Taylor’s University College School of Engineering Scheme of Work Subject Chemistry for Engineers Code 1 CFE Semester Year 1 Semester II Period 11May – 24July, 2009 Lecturer Dr. TVN. Padmesh Date Prepared 12 May 2009 Weekly Plan Week 1 13 May 2009 Topic 1: Introduction 14 May 2009 Week 2 20 May 2009 Topic 2: Physical Chemistry Unit and Dimensions, Introduction to Thermodynamics 21 May 2009 Week 3 27 May 2009 Thermodynamics (Hess’s Law, State Functions, Laws of Thermodynamics, Enthalpy, Real and Reversible Changes, Entropy) 28 May 2009 Week 4 03 June 2009 Thermodynamics (Helmholz Free Energy, Gibbs Free Energy, Chemical Potential and Equilibrium Constants) 04 June 2009 Week 5 10 June 2009 Physical Chemistry (continue) Kinetics (Ideal and Non-Ideal Systems, Kinetic Theory of Gases and Liquids, Simple Estimates of Collision Frequencies in Gases and Liquid) (Test 1) 11 June 2009 Week 6 17 June 2009 Topic 3: Organic Chemistry Structure and Bonding of Organic Molecules, Stereochemistry 18 June 2009
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