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Why was the use of the telescope by Galileo (2)

Why was the use of the telescope by Galileo (2) - Why was...

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Why was the use of the telescope by Galileo, 400 years ago, such a significant event in the history of astronomy? (120 words, 2 marks) Galileo is the first man who pointed his telescope at the Moon. He observed that the surface of the Moon was not smooth; instead it is covered by craters and mountains. That observation denied the theory by Aristotle and what is taught by the Catholic Church [1]. In late 1610, Galileo observed the phases of Venus. He found that they are very similar to the Moon’s phases. Then, he experiential all of its phases and came up with a theory that the Venus was orbiting the Sun, not the Earth. This discovery leads to the theory of sun- centered universe and it is become a fact now [1]. Reference: [1] Kolowinski, R., Galileo and the Telescope: How 400 Years Ago Galileo Changed the World, viewed 7 April 2011, <http://hubpages.com/hub/Galileo-and-the-Telescope- How-400-Years-Ago-Galileo-Changed-the-World>. Glass photographic plates were once the standard detector for astronomical imaging. Describe the type of detector that has replaced photographic plates and outline what its advantages are. (100 words, 2 marks) The introduction of charge-coupled devices (CCDs) has caused the usage of glass photographic plates to decline. A CCD is just like an electronic memory that can be charged by light [2]. It is a two-dimensional grid of semiconductor capacitors that can transfer charges from light photons between each other [1]. CCDs can hold a charge corresponding to variable shades of light, thus makes image acquisition and processing simpler [2]. Moreover, CCDs are used on many scientific space vehicles, for example the Hubble Telescope due to their superior sensitivity that can reach up to one hundred times more sensitive than photographic plates [1]. References: [1] Charge-Coupled Device, viewed 7 April 2011, <http://www.tech-faq.com/charge-coupled- device.html>. [2] CCD - The History of CCDs or Charge Coupled Devices , viewed 7 April 2011, < http://inventors.about.com/od/cstartinventions/a/CCD.htm >.
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What is the advantage of putting telescopes in space, as compared with the use of ground-based telescopes? (100 words, 2 marks) Since the first space telescope named Hubble launched to outer space, there are others of its kind sent into space. There are some advantages of putting telescopes in space. A major scientific
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Why was the use of the telescope by Galileo (2) - Why was...

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