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CMN103 2010-01-07

CMN103 2010-01-07 - CMN103 Gender and Communication Major...

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CMN103 2010-01-07 Gender and Communication: Major Concepts Hermaphrodite vs. Intersex o Hermaphrodite: born with genitalia of both sexes o Intersex: born with ambiguous genitalia o 1 out of 1,500-2,000 births born with atypical genitalia o 1 out of 500-1,000 people receive surgery to “normalize” genital appearance o Ovotestes Ovaries and testes or one of each 1 in 83,000 births o Androgen insensitivity syndrome (AIS) Don’t respond to “male” hormones XY chromosomes, but female-looking genitalia XX chromosomes, and female-looking genitalia No anatomical difference, but how body responds to chemicals 1 in 13,000-20,000 births o Congenial Adrenal hyperplasia (CAH) Overtly produce “male” hormones XX chromosomes, but male-looking genitalia XY chromosomes, and male-looking genitalia, but earlier onset of puberty 1 in 10,000-18,000 births overall 1 in 20,000-36,000 births for intersex-related CAH Sex vs. Gender o Sex is biological
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