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CMN103 2010-01-12

CMN103 2010-01-12 - o Motor behavioral differences •...

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CMN103 2010-01-12 General Similarities between Men and Women o Biological/sex-based similarities Anatomical similarities Physiological processes similarities Brain organization o Mental/cognitive similarities IQ similarities Memory similarities Learning ability similarities General Differences between Men and Women o Genetic differences (XX vs XY) o Anatomical differences o Verbal skill differences o Quantitative/mathematic differences Not constant Race, age, etc. o Spatial differences o Causes of death differences Men more prone to suicide
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Unformatted text preview: o Motor behavioral differences • General explanations for differences between men and women o Sex-based explanations Biology (genes and hormones) Brain structure Evolution o Gender-based explanations Culture and society Motivation and self-confidence o Explanation depends on that which is being explained Likely to be composed of multiple reasons/explanations • He Said, She Said o Deborah Tannen o How men and women differ in their speech o...
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