CMN103 2010-01-14

CMN103 2010-01-14 - C MN103 Gender Languages Use and...

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CMN103 2010-01-14 Gender, Languages Use, and Conversational Behavior Tentative language o Tag questions Lower intensity of a direct statement, reducing commitment and displaying uncertainty Usually at the end of a statement o Hedges Display uncertainty, usually modifying a verb o Hesitations Display uncertainty or lack of confidence Vocalized pause; uh, um o Disclaimers Remove responsibility from someone for the certainty or truth-value of a statement o Polite Forms Overly demonstrate courtesy and respect to reduce the certainty of a statement Research on tentative language o Lakoff’s women’s language/female register Introspection of observed language No real experiment; biased o O’Barr’s power of style Status in a court room setting o Tag Question Lakoff claims women use more than men Other researches show men use more than women More frequently shown that men and women use the same amount Differences depend on the function of the tag question Three Functions of Tag Questions o Uncertainty Expresses uncertainty or requests confirmation
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CMN103 2010-01-14 - C MN103 Gender Languages Use and...

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