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CMN103 2010-01-26

CMN103 2010-01-26 - o Gender-linked language influence...

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CMN103 2010-01-26 Gender, Language Use, and Conversational Behavior IV: More consequences and integration Gender-Linked Language Effect o Solicits language samples o Participants read transcripts of samples o Participants rate communicators on three dimensions Male transcripts dynamism (D) Female transcripts social intellectual status (SIS) and aesthetic quality (AQ) o Language causes the effect? Sex guess accuracy Language features predict SIS, AQ, and D
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Unformatted text preview: o Gender-linked language influence people’s judgment o The language that someone uses affects others’ impressions of that person • Inputs (gender identity) language outcomes (social influence) o Context/situation factors affect language and gender salience o When gender is salient, gender difference is more noticeable o Context affects salience, language, outcomes, and the relationships between the three...
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  • Spring '08
  • palomares
  • Gender-linked language inf, inf luence, Participants rate communicators, Solicits language samples, social inf luence

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