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Hanna Song English 104 Professor McLemore December 1, 2010 Thesis: John Wayne Gacy is known as the notorious murderer of 33 young boys. Thus, leading most people to hate him and be filled with disgust by him. Nobody ever thinks about what exactly had led this man to become the way he is. How maybe because of his rough childhood and not getting the help he needed led him to the dark path that he had chosen. Body Paragraphs: John Wayne Gacy was born on March 17, 1942 and the second of three children. His father’s name is was John Wayne Gacy Sr. and his mother name was Marion Elaine Robinson Gacy. People who met him thought him to be a likeable and pleasant man. He was respected in the community and easy to get along with. He born in Edgewater Hospital in Chicago and was raised as a Catholic and went to Catholic schools growing up. He was a quiet boy and worked odd jobs for spending money. He was well liked by his teachers, co-workers, and friends at school and the Boy Scouts. During his high school years due to his problematic family problems he dropped out of school and became to save up money. Once had enough he went to Las Vegas, there he worked at a funeral home and made enough to come back home. Once back, he became a
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well-respected businessman and also a Democratic Party community captain, which led him to take a picture with the then First Lady, Rosalynn Carter. He also spent his free time entertaining the children in the neighborhood dressed up as “Pogo the Clown”. He was a generous, hard working, friendly, devoted family man, and everyone knew that— but this was the side that John Wayne Gacy allowed the people to see. Underneath the smiling mask of the clown was the face of a depraved fiend who was put to death on May 10, 1994. Even though Gacy was known and well-liked it did not mean that there were no words said badly about him. Around the time when he was active in the Jaycees, there were rumors spreading about his sexual preference that he preferred boys more than women. This was about the time when John Wayne Gacy would hire prostitutes, usually male, and have a sexual intercourse. Soon, after he started a club in his basement where he would show boys pornography and offer them drugs and alcohol, “When he figured the boys had too much to drink or smoke he would begin to fondle them and try to make them fondle him. John was very aroused by this and began to have more and more meetings with the boys” (11). This shows that he did not carefully
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