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Comm 1100 Final Review Review Questions 1. According to the text, “To persuade my audience that aliens visited the earth centuries ago as evidenced by landing strips in the andes mountains” is a specific purpose statement for a persuasive speech on a question of: b. Fact 2. Which of the following are the four major types of transitions? b. Llinking, internal previews, internal summaries and signposts 3. According to the text, all are proper ways to capture the audience’s attention b. Tell a story, use humor, start with a question c. Not a way – tell the audience your topic 4. Mike is preparing visual aids for his latest speech. What guidelines should Mike NOT follow in preparing visual aids b. Attempt to put as much information in them as possible 5. According to O’Brien, persuading is the act of attempting to create, change or reinforce the thinking or actions of others 6. Some public speakers, such as Kennedy, Obama, and Reagan, demonstrated great personal charm and a magnetic personality that drew audiences to them. This is an
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