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EKIN 3210 doctors and sports medicine

EKIN 3210 doctors and sports medicine - surgery commonly...

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EKIN 3210 Sports Administration I September 11, 2009 Jake Sebastian Dr. Jeff Anderson: Doctor’s and Sports Medicine Mr. Joseph Morrone
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Sebastian 2 Today’s baseball world is tainted with allegations on players using steroids. This pertains mostly to the abnormal levels of testosterone and the use of HGH. This article describes how Major League Baseball is in the process of deciding whether or not HGH contains the anti-aging properties that certain doctors have been claiming. Studies have been shown that HGH has sped up recovery in surgeries such as Tommy John surgery, a
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Unformatted text preview: surgery commonly performed on baseball players. Doctor’s have also claimed that any significant effects are shown only with severe injuries such as burn injuries. The major topic is that the NCAA and professional sports have banned HGH and that if the substance were proven to assist in recovery, then federal laws would need to be altered. Question: Why are other performance enhancing drugs such as creatine are legal while HGH is banned from both he NCAA and professional sports, and both are found in the human body?...
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