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EKIN 3210 dr armstrong

EKIN 3210 dr armstrong - Dr Armstrong commented on this by...

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EKIN 3210 Sports Administration I November 13, 2009 Jake Sebastian Dr. Armstrong Mr. Joseph Morrone This article is on the study of sweat and how a yoga class called “Bikram yoga” is taught in extreme heat. This is essentially a yoga class conducted within a sauna designed to help lose weight and 600 calories in a 90-minute class that would take 75 minutes on a treadmill. This method is also claimed to be able to help relieve the symptoms of a disease, but not remove the disease itself. There are criticisms that yoga was made to relax the sympathetic nervous system and that it is very difficult to do this when you are working out and sweating.
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Unformatted text preview: Dr. Armstrong commented on this by saying that if you are medically clear for normal activity and aren’t a high cardiac risk, then its not dangerous to function in an environment that’s a little hotter as long as the exercise intensity is not high. In an environment described by this “hot-yoga,” you have to monitor yourself because 126-degree heat is more than a little higher than normal. One of the beneficial effects are that it gives you more energy and the clients love the ‘fresh out the hot tub feeling’ once it is over. Question: How easy is it for one’s body to regulate its core temperature in extreme heat/cold?...
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