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EKIN 3210 internal contacts - scantron tests? Police and...

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EKIN 3210 Sports Administration I November 2, 2009 Jake Sebastian Internal Contacts Mr. Joseph Morrone Assistant coaches – is it better to correct the head coach or to stay completely loyal and believe his philosophy? Athletes – How hard is it to handle the time demands of practice, games, and schoolwork while completing a rigorous work load? Custodians – What’s the most annoying thing to clean up that shouldn’t have to be there for you to do anyway? Dining Services – How hard is it to maintain “homemade quality” when providing for such a large group of people? Field Maintenance crews – How easy has the addition of turf been on your demands of the field? President of University – Is it more important to win games or have scholar athletes? Professors – How hard is it for you to be impartial to the grading process with non-
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Unformatted text preview: scantron tests? Police and Fire Departments how often do you practice emergency evacuation drills? And do you think that its enough? Secretaries How long do you spend on the phone per day dealing with transferring calls to the coaches? School Band Do you wish you played more now music than classic band songs? Student body Do you support earlier or later games on the weekends? Travel agent How much more difficult is the process of traveling overseas or even to another country as compared to within the US. Work Study students do you only do it because you like the position you have or are you in need of the money and need another source of financial aid?...
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