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sports admin final

sports admin final - John toner 11/18 Athletics should not...

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John toner – 11/18 Athletics should not be considered as extracurricular – should be part of it Land grant school – agriculture Job potential is important Leadership – don’t know all the answer but you know yhow to get to them Head is respobsible for entire administration of his sport Women have emotional instability Tttle XI – should not deny participation Cannot determine when you actually have provided equal opportunity When is affirmative action satisfied? o Is necessary but needs to be reevalutated Dave Wilzewski – 10/19 - sees anywhere from 2000-3000 applications - complainced based job & admissions ticket office, basketball - 95% of job deals with compliance - deals with visits for football and basketball game - recuiting budget worked on in april and may - 56 official visits per year - FAR – scott brown - Official visit – less han 48 hours . last thing they do is meet edsall and address what recruit needs to get in. Try to get him to commit then. - Liaison to REFC Jerry Martin - Natural light is best – incandescent is next - Exchange of air/self cleaning floor - 100 sq feet – someone is safe - advantage of machine is the rehab part - 3-5 year rotation of staff -
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