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extra credit 2 Pharm 1000

extra credit 2 Pharm 1000 - article the oral form of...

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Pharm 1001 Jake Sebastian This article is on how the FDA has approved an oral drug for the condition multiple sclerosis, a disease that affects hundreds and thousands of people. The disease is an autoimmune disease that affects the brain and the spinal cord, which make up the Central Nervous System. Nerve damage is the result of this progressive disease, which means that over time, the condition gets worse. The causes of the onset of this disease are unknown, but it is thought to be a virus or genetic defect. The drug is named Gilenya and is made by Novartis International AG. The drug reduces symptoms displayed by MS such as physical disabilities. According to the
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Unformatted text preview: article, the oral form of administering this drug may appeal to many people as the alternative from the current therapy used to treat this disease, which is in the form of needles. The potential side effects of the drug are risk of infection and toxicity of the eyes, liver, lungs and the heart. The article suggests that patients talk to their doctors before switching to the oral form if they are currently using the injection treatment, which has no serious side effects. Within the next couple of weeks, the drug should be ready to be filled for prescriptions. http://voices.washingtonpost.com/checkup/2010/09/fda_approves_first_oral_drug_t.html...
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