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examguidelines - will simply going over your class notes be...

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1 EXAM INFORMATION AND GUIDELINES FOR STUDYING 1. Know CONCEPTS (not just definitions): Know how concepts COMPARE AND CONTRAST; ISSUES raised in text and in class; Be able to recognize concepts in a description; Be able to recognize or give examples of concepts and perspectives 2. You DO NOT NEED TO MEMORIZE NAMES OF THEORISTS,but you do need to know and understand concepts and perspectives they offer. 3. You DO NOT NEED TO MEMORIZE STATISTICS, but you do need to know the social patterns they indicate and what is sociologically significant about these patterns. 4. Exam will include material from both the textbook assignments and class lectures and discussions and videos; you will not be able to do well if you only study the textbook, nor
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Unformatted text preview: will simply going over your class notes be sufficient. Since class lectures and discussions often supplemented the text, you will need both. Note, too, that we only had time in class to go over SOME of the many issues raised in the text; but beware of assuming that if we didn't cover it in class you are not responsible for the material on the exam: You are responsible for ALL the material in the text and from class. 5. BRING YOUR STUDENT ID CARD: You MUST present your student id card when you turn in your exam; NO EXAM WILL BE ACCEPTED WITHOUT AN ID; NO EXAM WILL BE ACCEPTED ONCE YOU LEAVE THE ROOM. ABSOLUTELY NO EXCUSES WILL BE ACCEPTED....
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