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Jake Sebastian 11/10/10 Extra Credit The speaker that I went to see was Kelly Zen-Tie Tsai, an Asian American spoken word artist. Spoken word is a type of poetry that features narration and story telling, as apposed to rap or hip-hop style that is typically associated with a rhythm. The poems that Kelly spoke about ranged from being troubles of being Asian American woman, describing futuristic, ideal, and what-if scenarios, telling memories of friends and family members, and dedications to her musical influences and groups of people that she could associate herself with such as perfectionists and the college students. In explaining one experience she had, she describes her spoken word poems to be “Christian, fundamentalist, right-wing” poetry. This performance relates back to sociology on the concept of white-skin privilege. White-skin privilege is defined as the social advantages, usually unearned, provided to members for the white majority. This is displayed when Kelly performed her third poem,
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