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Jake Sebastian 10/21/10 Lucal This article is on the topic of gender and how society views gender as a two-and- only two situation: male and female. The article discusses how gender is a social construction and the people see others as “doing” gender, as in participating in the gender process of classifying themselves and others as either male or female. It also explains how gender labels are applied for different reasons and that “successful” social relations require participants to present, monitor, and interpret gender displays. The article ends with an anecdotal story of how a woman who studied her life as a woman who essentially presented herself as a male and the complications that came with not displaying a clear- cut gender in her every day world. A concept that this article is linked towards the chapter is the concept of gender, defined as the category of masculine or feminine, determined by societal expectations for behavior and ways of relating to others based on sex. It related specifically to the article
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