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HUSKY CT ASSIGNMENT 1. Read the assigned text chapter and the article that immediately follows that  chapter. 2. Summarize the article (not the text chapter): what is its main point? 3. Select a concept (hint: look at the glossary list at the end of the text chapter to  pick one that grabs your interest), identify it, define it, and relate it to the article. 4. Go into the Assignment Drop Box on the left hand side of our HuskyCT home  page and look for the folder with the name of the author of the article you’re 
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Unformatted text preview: writing about. 5. Place your assignment in that folder. NOTES: 1. You do NOT need to answer the critical thinking questions at the end of the chapter for this assignment. 2. You do NOT need to do all 14 of the articles. You simply need to select 5 out of the 14 of your own choosing. 3. If you do both articles in a week that lists two (such as the first week’s assignment), each article counts as a separate article and therefore you would have 2 of the 5 you are required to do....
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