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Jake Sebastian 9/30/10 Velliquette and Murrary This article is on how humans tend to alter their natural inherited appearance. This can be done in numerous ways such as the clothes you wear, lifting weights, dieting, jewelry, and getting tattoos. The article states that the most common reason for altering your natural appearance is that it provides a vehicle for self-expression, whether it is on a daily basis, such as the clothes you wear, or permanent body decorations referred to as body adornment in the form of tattoos. The article then goes on to discuss the tattoo industry’s rising popularity, the history of the trade, tattooing as an art, and personal anecdote from both customers and the tattoo artists. This article relates back to the chapter for the concept of subcultures. Subculture can be defined as a wide variety of groups whose members participate in the larger society and its institutions but who share values, norms, heritages, and rituals that differ from those of the dominant culture. Now millions of Americans who get tattoos are
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