Kanagy and Kraybill

Kanagy and Kraybill - Jake Sebastian Soci 1001 Kanagy and...

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Jake Sebastian 12/8/10 Soci 1001 Kanagy and Kraybill This article describes how the Internet has affected society. Much like other new technology that has come into production, the Internet remains one aspect of the social world that many people take for granted because of their place and society and their ability to access the Internet. The first part of this article talks about the social construction of the Internet and its development throughout the years and its different effects on the different generations that use the Internet. The second part of the article discusses how the Internet in itself is its own culture. People can begin romantic, business, or friendship through this culture and be able to understand each other through the vernacular and norms that the article refers to as netiquette. The next part comes back to how the Internet affects the baby boomer and the “net generation.” A study found that the majority of users are in their youth and that the tradition of children learning from their parents has reversed in the cyberspace. Parents are now the ones in need of tutoring from their kids on how to use new technology in order to keep up with the fast pace
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Kanagy and Kraybill - Jake Sebastian Soci 1001 Kanagy and...

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