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Raj Patel extra credit

Raj Patel extra credit - Jake Sebastian Sociology1001 Extra...

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Jake Sebastian Sociology1001 Extra Credit Speaker – Raj Patel: “Stuffed and Starved - The Value of Food” This speaker talked about how economic inequality is seen in an issue that many people do not typically associate with inequality. Dr. Patel brought up two points before starting his lecture: one was the bad news and how the number of Americans that are going hungry is up by 1 million, which currently totals to approximately 50.2 million people; the other is the good news in that the number of malnourished individuals in the world is only at 925 million people, which is down from 1.01 billion from 2009. The majority of his light-hearted, but serious, lecture talked about how the issue can be represented by an hourglass. The top of the glass is the sellers of the world’s food, the bottom is the 6-7 billion people in the world who can afford to acquire food, and the middle is comprised of food corporations. He described the situation like this because he
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