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Jake Sebastian Riedmann Article 11/17/10 This article focuses on the lesbian and gay community and the hardships they experience and human beings in society that make them unique as well as similar to heterosexuals. The article starts off by defining sexual orientation, or one’s sexual fantasies, feelings, attractions, and/or behaviors are orientated toward persons of the same or the opposite sex. This definition, although may seem correct to some, does not account for those individuals that are in a heterosexual marriage who has a same-sex affair, suggesting that the labeling of gay or heterosexual may actually be more of a spectrum rather than a dichotomy. The next section defines what family is and whether or not lesbian and gay male families should count in terms of policies, court rulings, and for the census bureau. The article ends with describing the experiences that lesbian and gay male couples face while in a relationship and as parents. This article links back to our sociology class to the concept of family, which can
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