10 Sociology 1001

10 Sociology 1001 - human labor most labor is employed in...

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Sociology 1001 9/13/10 Macro-Micro Continuum Social Structures - the organizations of recurring patterns of relationships within a social system o Status – smallest structures o Roles o Group o Networks o Institutions o Societies o World systems – most macro Macro-level social structures - Large-scale mechanisms which organize and distribute individuals in an entire society, as opposed to small-scale or interpersonal structures - The most complete macro-structure, because it encompasses all other levels of social structure - It is an international system of “cultural (Olympics) , normative, economical (European union), political (treaties, mail, United Nations), and military relations (peace treaty commissions),” organized around the exchange of goods and services Core Nations – used to be called “developed nations” - Industrialized and post-industrialized countries where production is based on technology which relies more on machinery and complex technology than a
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Unformatted text preview: human labor, most labor is employed in the service sector than in basic manufacturing and human labor is relatively skilled and high-paid Peripheral Nations –-Countries where production is based on technology that relies more on cheap, relatively unskilled human labor than on expensive and complex technology (only technology is from a core nation) and machinery. o Uneducated Semi-Peripheral nations-countries in which production is based on mixture of intermediate levels of machinery and technolog, and semi-skilled, moderately-paid human labor Semi periphery produces – components, finished goods to the CORE-receives – Services, Jobs from Core Periphery produces – raw materials, finished-goods to CORE-receives – Services and Jobs from CORE Comparing Core and Periphery – year 2005-Higher the GNP/C lower infant mort rate higher life expectancy o We can get goods cheaper o But we lose jobs as a CORE nation...
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10 Sociology 1001 - human labor most labor is employed in...

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