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SOCIOLOGY 1001: INTRODUCTION TO SOCIOLOGY DR. DAVITA SILFEN GLASBERG STUDY QUESTIONS FOR FIRST EXAM SHORT ESSAYS The following are designed to provide you with guides for writing short essays . I encourage you to get into study groups to discuss the materials to answer these questions. 1. Compare and contrast the following pairs of concepts and give examples of each: personal troubles and public issues role conflict and role strain ascribed status and achieved status manifest functions and latent functions of institutions (here, both examples should be drawn from the same institution) core and peripheral nations in the world system primary and secondary groups statuses and roles norms and values folkways, mores, and laws 2. Discuss the problem of a researcher’s identity when conducting research: what are the strengths and drawbacks of identifying oneself and the purpose of the research to the subjects under study when using the method of participant observation? h
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exam1studyguide0 (1) - SOCIOLOGY 1001 INTRODUCTION TO...

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