7.05 The populist Movement

7.05 The populist Movement - T he Populist Movement Who...

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The Populist Movement Who were the key people involved? What were the key events? What issues were Populists concerned about? After providing the background information in your introduction, you will write an interview with either a real person from the Populist Movement or with one of the characters from the book The Wizard of Oz about the Populist Movement. In this report we will investigate the Populist Movement. Is there a monopoly against the average farm worker to keep him from making a better living? For many years our forefathers came to this country to seek out a better life for themselves and their families. Oppressed by English law and government, the people set sail for the new world know as America where they would establish new laws of fairness for its people. But, has it been much different than what the founders of our land experienced in the old country under British rule where taxation kept the average farm worker and citizen from realizing a better life. Farmers have been supplying items like cotton, wheat, hogs to this country for years that enabled our great country to thrive and grow. But it has been very difficult for the American farmer to make ends meet when they have been charged high interest rates for
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7.05 The populist Movement - T he Populist Movement Who...

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