Levitt's Comparative Law Index_ Comparative Legal Systems Class_ Quiz 1C

Levitt's Comparative Law Index_ Comparative Legal Systems Class_ Quiz 1C

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Unformatted text preview: Levitt's Comparative Law Index: Comparative Legal Systems Class: Quiz 1 1/19/09 10:03 AM Welcome to Levitt's Comparative Law Links Page: Comparative Legal Systems Class: The Fascist Legal System: Germany : 1933- 1945 Technically speaking there is no such thing as a Fascist legal system. Rather, the "legal system" in Nazi Germany is often characterized as a dictatorship operating within the main features of a civil law system including investigative roles for courts and codes (statutes) as the source of law. Nonetheless, one may ask some of the following questions: What changes were implemented in the legal system of the Weimar Republic by the National Socialists after the seizure of power in 1933? How did the National Socialist dictatorship corrupt the German legal tradition ? ( "Rechtstaat" = a society governed by the rule of law) How did racism influence the legal system of the Third Reich ? What were the Nuremberg laws of 1935? What was the "Führer Prinzip" and how did it affect the administration of justice in the Third Reich ? What were the People's Court, Special Courts, S.S. Courts and Hereditary Courts and what type of trials were conducted in each ? How was the legal system used in the Third Reich to silence and terrorize political opposition? Why were "show" trials conducted? There were more than thirty thousand death sentences carried out in Germany during the last five years of Nazi rule. For what type of crimes did the Courts impose sentences of death? How was judicial independence, as guaranteed by the Weimar Constitution, undermined ? What prompted "good" Germans to resist this regime and what sacrifice was made by them? Resistance to the Nazi Regime: Film: "The Restless Conscience" i. The White Rose ( Hans and Sophie Scholl) ii. The July 20th Plot ( Count Claus Schenk von Stauffenberg) iii. The Kreisau Circle (Count Helmuth von Moltke) iv. The Confessional Church (Dietrich Bonhoeffer) Enhancement Materials Movies/ Documentaries about The Third Reich a. The Restless Conscience b. Schindler's List c. The World at War: Inside the Reich: Germany 1940- 1944 d. Europa, Europa http://www.nova.edu/~levitts/comlaw/week3.html Page 1 of 2 Levitt's Comparative Law Index: Comparative Legal Systems Class: Quiz 1 1/19/09 10:03 AM e. Judgment at Nuremberg f. The White Rose g. The Conterfeit Traitor h. Sophie's Choice j. Into the Arms of Strangers k. Uprising l. Triumph of Memory m. The Garden of the Finzi Contini n. The Shop on Main Street o. Stalingrad p. Enemy at the Gates Anton Gill, An honouable defeat: a history of German resistance to Hitler, 1933- 1945, 1st American Edition, New York, Holt, 1994. Ingo Müller, Hitler's Justice, The Courts of the Third Reich Harvard University Press, Cambridge, 1991. The Federal Republic of Germany, Questions and Answers pp. 7 to 19. WEB SITES Third Reich, Holocaust, Resistance The Program of the National Socialist German Workers' Party (from the Avalon Project) The White Rose, Student Resistance Group The Collections of the German Historical Museum, Berlin (On Line) Auschwitz Alphabet The Holocaust: An historical summary (from U. S. Holocaust Museum) Article on Courts of the Third Reich The White Rose (A website in the U.S.) The White Rose: A Lesson in Dissent Memories of the White Rose by George J. Wittenstein, M.D., Section 1: Introduction and Background German Resistance Memorial Center, Berlin Teach with The Movies Guide to the film, The White Rose Comments to: Stephen Ross Levitt Updated:October, 2000 Copyright Stephen Ross Levitt http://www.nova.edu/~levitts/comlaw/week3.html Page 2 of 2 ...
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