Issue Write-up #1 Stakeholders

Issue Write-up #1 Stakeholders - A d Ldsp 732 Wednesday,...

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Ad Ldsp 732 Wednesday, March 3, 2011 School Politics Steve Kircher Issue Write-up #1: Stakeholders The political issue that I chose to research is the Teacher Advisor Contact (TAC) Program. The idea of starting the program surfaced at my school during a faculty retreat last week. A student survey conducted one year ago showed that approximately 15% of our student population didn’t feel secure or didn’t feel part of the school community. The TAC program was introduced to address this group and benefit all of our students. TAC is a program that builds community and provides students with daily attention from a teacher/mentor, advisor and friend. Typically, TACs are small groups of 15-20 students from all grade levels that spend time in a homeroom like atmosphere; once first thing in the morning and at the end of the day. Students belong to the same TAC during all four years. Students in a TAC have the opportunity to communicate and interact, as well as receive guidance from the mentor. As far as stakeholders go, our school President introduced the idea for us to consider because his own children were part of a TAC program at the high school they attended. The main insider- stakeholders, of course, are the students. The TAC program will allow time for communication and interaction. More specifically, it is intended to give each student
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Issue Write-up #1 Stakeholders - A d Ldsp 732 Wednesday,...

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