Issue Write-up #4 Proposed Change

Issue Write-up #4 Proposed Change - Ad Ldsp 732 Thursday,...

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Ad Ldsp 732 Thursday, March 31, 2011 School Politics Steve Kircher Issue Write-up #4: Proposed Change As presented in Issue Write-ups 1-3, in March, 2010, a personalized online survey was administered at my school as part of the Youth Behavior Survey that we had been participating in since 1993. As a result of the survey, 96% of students felt secure and safe at school. At the annual teacher in- service at the beginning of the 2010-11 school year, the results were presented. Possible solutions to address the 4% of students who didn’t feel secure were brainstormed and discussed. The first solution or idea that floated to the top of the soup was to do nothing at all. From the seven discussion groups that were randomly chosen and assigned prior to in-service, four of the groups presented the idea of doing nothing at all, status quo, or leave it alone and it’ll sink back to the bottom of the soup pot. Some suggested that 96% was good enough, you can never get to 100%, and maybe the 4% was just the margin of error from the on-line survey. Another solution offered by the groups was to use the Big Buddy program that was already in place for incoming freshmen students. This program has existed for about five years and has older students act as mentors or buddies for the new students. Incoming freshmen are assigned a big buddy who shadows them during their first day of school, is available for questions, and conducts a two week follow-up to see how things are going. This program is only available for incoming freshmen and from my experience, rapidly dissolves by the end of September.
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Issue Write-up #4 Proposed Change - Ad Ldsp 732 Thursday,...

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