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AD LDSP 702 Tuesday, July 06, 2010 Summer 2010 STEVE KIRCHER EDUCATIONAL LEADER JOB DESCRIPTION Our school is seeking a visionary leader to turn a good school into a great school. The individual selected will continue to promote the mission of providing a strong Catholic background for all students and provide a learning environment to achieve greatness. The Administrative Leader will work closely with the school’s board of directors, teachers and staff to promote an innovative, creative, student-centered approach to teaching and learning. The Administrative Leader’s primary responsibilities include keeping and promoting the school’s mission and philosophy of providing a college preparatory education with a strong foundation in the Catholic faith, ensuring adequate resources and access to the latest educational
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Unformatted text preview: technology and materials. In cooperation with the Board of Directors, the leader will actively engage local, national and international agencies to build the schools reputation as an educational leader and develop its International Baccalaureate program around the world. In Chapter 12, Hoy and Miskel (pg 420) with the help of Yukl (1994) bring up the point of the difference between an Administrator and a Leader. Leaders stress adaptive change; and getting people to agree about what needs to be accomplished. I feel that our school needs a leader not an Administrator. We need someone that will take our school from being good to great. We need someone that will guide us to become the best we can so that our students can become leaders....
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