What is a Leader Steve Kircher

What is a Leader Steve Kircher - AD LDSP 702 LEADERSHIP IN...

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AD LDSP 702 SUNDAY, JULY 18, 2010 LEADERSHIP IN EDUCATIONAL ORGANIZATIONS STEVE KIRCHER What is a Leader? I believe a school leader must first maintain visibility. An effective principal must make frequent visits to classrooms and be accessible to students, teachers and parents. Along with visibility, an effective leader must develop relationships with teachers, staff, students and parents. Taking something from my military training, an effective leader must have a good sense of situational awareness. A leader must be aware of the details and happenings of his environment. He must be aware of the groups, formal as well as informal. To borrow from Phillip Schlechty, a leader must know who the pioneers, settlers and saboteurs are. A leader must also be a source of information. He must provide teachers with materials and opportunities for professional development. Hand in hand with resources, an effective leader must establish the boundaries for his staff and students. He needs to provide and reinforce clear operating procedures and routines. As an administrator, I will most definitely adhere to the steps of the Decision Process in any change I plan on implementing. I will make sure there is a need, follow the criteria we’ve (the stakeholders, myself, and my change team) developed, and make a decision. After we implement a change, I must remember to collect data for measuring the effectiveness of the change. Realizing that Perception is Reality (another point that was emphasized throughout the course), I will incorporate these perceptions into my data collection.
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What is a Leader Steve Kircher - AD LDSP 702 LEADERSHIP IN...

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